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Hi, I´m Jones.


‘I love the evolution of tiny simple fantasies into a full grown piece of art’

Design. Esign. Sign.‘

I love creating individual pieces of art that suit the surface of the canvas as well as the background and surroundings. The elements I use are a mix of classic graffiti lettering and details of nature and structures I’ve seen on my travels. Converting these real life impressions and combining them with a small flickering of fantasy is the core of my work.

Born and raised in Hamburg/Germany, I am influenced by the huge European street art scene with all its amazing artists and designers. I studied at the HfBK Hamburg (state academy of higher artistic and scientific education) and learn to see art in all its shapes and forms by not only drawing paintings on paper and canvases but also creating artworks in the wood workshop or with plastic, ceramic, glass and other materials.

Throughout the 20 years of painting, my passion still seems to be growing with every piece that sees the light of day and I’m excited about everything there is to come. Combining traveling and painting, I love creating murals for clients and private commissions as often as possible.

Transform emotions into pictures‘

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